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 Honeoye Lake Info 

Honeoye Lake Info

Swimming & Pavilion Rentals at Sandy Bottom Beach

Sandy Bottom Beach is OPEN for the 2018 swim season as of June 16th. 


Sandy Bottom Beach is now open for swimming and pavilion rentals. Scheduled swimming hours are 11 am to 7:30 pm daily, through mid-August. Please observe all safety signs posted at the beach.


All boats, kayaks and canoes must stay outside the far buoys. 


For more information on beach availability, pavilion rentals and summer swim lessons during the swim season, visit our Parks & Recreation pages.


Honeoye Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Program 

The Ontario County Planning Department administers an aquatic weed harvesting program that is designed to remove phosphorus from Honeoye Lake, limiting nutrients that feed algae. It also reduces "nuisance vegetation" that impedes recreational use of the lake.


For more information on the program, visit Ontario County's Honeoye Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Program page or download the documents at the bottom of the page.


NYSDEC Algal Bloom Notices 

The NYS Department of Conservation tracks information collected during routine lake monitoring and submitted by volunteers and public reports to track the presence of blue-green algae blooms. Swimmers are encouraged to refrain from contact with algal blooms. To check on the current reported status, visit the NYSDEC Blue-Green Algal Bloom Notice page.


The Town of Richmond is unable to advise on conditions of lakeshore areas beyond Sandy Bottom Beach. For information on conditions at rental properties, please contact your rental agent. 

Lake Stewardship & Protection

The Honeoye Valley Association and the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force serve as advocates and sponsors for projects that maintain and improve the quality of Honeoye Lake. Visit our Links page to navigate to more information on these organizations and view the Honeoye Lake Watershed Management Plan.



As of December 2017, Honeoye Lake has been included in New York's $65M "State of the State Proposal" to combat algal blooms that threaten recreational use of lakes as well as drinking water. Honeoye was chosen as one of 12 priority waterbodies representing a wide range of conditions. Lessons learned from aggressively combatting harmful algal blooms will be applied to other impacted waterbodies. Learn more about the proposal.